Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stila Collectible Palette: Stylish in Seoul

Every year Stila releases five collectible makeup palettes.  So far, Stylish in Seoul is the only one which has caught my eye.  I thought I'd do a little review for you in case you're considering this palette.

Keep reading to see my thoughts and swatches!

Stila is one of my favorite makeup brands.  I can't get enough of their eyeshadow in Kitten (see my reviews here and here) and am always eager to purchase a palette or two out of their yearly travel collections.  

This year, Stylish in Seoul really caught my eye.  I love the cover art, with the darks purples and pinks.  I think it's so gorgeous.  But it was the inside of the palette that really sold me on it.

Starting with the very top color going clockwise: Dynasty, Palace, Empire, and Midnight.  The middle color is called Zen and the lip/cheek cream is Azalea.

The color that really caught my eye was the deep purple, Empire.  I'm a sucker for all types of purple eyeshadows and a matte purple is always welcome in my collection!

Zen reminds me a lot of Stila Kitten shadow although the texture is not quite as soft, nor is it as pigmented as Kitten.

The rest of the colors are nice, but nothing spectacular color-wise.  They're common and it's easy enough to find a similar shadow.

While I do like Azalea, the lip/cheek cream.  It isn't something that works well with my skin tone.

Here are the swatches:

This palette is spectacularly pigmented, which is a bit of a letdown considering that Stila's single shadows are really amazing.  It took quite a few swipes across each color to get these swatches as opaque as they are.  

Oh, and one last thing I love about this palette.  Each one has a little quote inside and this one has korean proverb: Butterflies come to pretty flowers.

This palette can be purchased at Ulta or online at Stila.  It is $16.

Leave me any comments below and thanks so much for reading!!